Monday, July 09, 2012

Hawaii Day 2

So, Saturday, June 23, I woke up in Hawaii. I WOKE UP IN HAWAII!!!!! I love saying that. I wish I could say it every day. I had a list of things I wanted to make sure to do and places to visit. Sei wasn't really thrilled with the list because mine was long compared to his list: 1) Surf 2) Surf some more. But once I told him that I've waited my whole life to go to Hawaii and that he got to "surf and surf some more" when he left me home with 5 kids while he went to Hawaii with friends (Sept. 2008), he was more than willing to help me pass the things off my list.

We slept in some-- (it would have been around 2pm Texas time!) and then we decided to cross one of the things off my list: Learn to surf! I think Sei was ok with this. ;) We had borrowed some boards from Seiuli's uncle so we walked the 2 blocks to the beach. The board for me was bigger than Sei's because it's easier to surf on a bigger board, but it was still pretty hard. We weren't out there too long, but I got up twice on my feet. I was awesome at getting to my knees though. lol I felt kind of lame because all these tourists had paid for surf lessons all around us and they were getting up. Sei explained it was because of the bigger longboards they were using. I was still a little disappointed... But we had another item on my list to do and I knew I'd get to surf again. So...

We moved on to #2: Hike Diamond Head. The hike wasn't too hard other than this one part where you could choose to go right or left. We went right and ended up having to walk up somewhere around 400 stairs. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but that's what it felt like! We passed people wearing flip flops and wedges and other shoes not appropriate for hiking. I was thankful we packed our shoes! We made it to the top and it was absolutely beautiful!!!

When we made it back to the bottom, we bought some yummy shaved ice at Magoo's Burgers, right there in the Diamond Head parking lot. If you've ever had a snow cone, don't even try to compare it to Shave Ice. It's not chunky ice with thick Kool-aid spilled on top. It's smooth like snow and yummy and... I miss it. I also got fresh cut pineapple at Magoo's. I pretty much ate pineapple everyday. Yum. Magoo's Shave Ice was good, but it wasn't the best we had. Aoki's- on the North Shore- wins hands down. :) (*We had shaved ice at 5 or 6 different places and they were the best! The Polynesian Culture Ctr. had the worst.)

The weather wasn't too hot and although it was humid, it didn't feel like Texas humidity. That evening we walked on the beach and Sei surfed some while I listened to a weird guy try to pick up a girl. I also think I said "Ooh that's pretty!" and "Oh! Look at that tree!" about 6000 times just that day. I loved this tree- with the pretty orange flowers.
I love this tree. I called it an "Elephant Man Tree."

We were pretty worn out from the surfing, hiking and walking around Waikiki so we headed back to our room and watched "Friends" before falling asleep probably before 10pm... 3am Texas time. :)

To be continued....