Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tuesdays are better in Hawaii

Ahh, on Tuesday, June 26th, I woke up once again in Hawaii. This time I was at Sei's uncle Arthur and Aunt Peggy's home on the North Shore in Turtle Bay. Seiuli, his uncle, and cousins, Spencer and Shez, woke up super early to go surf. Sei was in heaven because the waves were amazing and there was no one out but them.

After their beautiful surf session, Seiuli came back and we went out for a bike ride thru Turtle Bay. We were killing time waiting for Spencer so we could go surf again and then cook out later that evening. I loved the bike ride. It was beautiful and peaceful. Oh how I miss it... Thanks Aunty and Uncle for loaning us your bikes!!!

Later we headed out to surf... or in my case, ATTEMPT to surf. We went with Spencer, his wife, Rose, and his kiddos River and Leila. They were great little surfers!

The weather got pretty yuck so we headed back to the cars. Seiuli and I headed on down to Aoki's Shave Ice on the North Shore. That stuff is the grub! They served it was ice cream under the shaved ice. SO yum!! Then we went back to Uncle Arthur's to eat with the family. It was so nice to visit with every one. I love their family.

We made the 40 minute drive back to our hotel to get rest for Wednesday in Hawaii. Wednesday... 2 days before we left to come home... :( To be continued....