Sunday, September 02, 2012 Hawaii

I know my trip is taking me forever to write about. It's been super busy and I think I just don't want to my trip to Hawaii to "end." :(

Wednesday we didn't have any big plans- other than to get me up on a board!! Sei's cousin suggested we rent a bigger longboard in Waikiki since they didn't have one. He was positive I would be able to get up for longer than just a second or 2. So we headed to the beach and rented a longboard. Spencer (Sei's cousin) was right. For just learning the bigger board helped so much.

Sei had to push me into the waves at first because I wasn't quite sure if I could paddle into them myself. I was able to get up bunches and bunches and bunchs and ride lots of waves. But eventually I paddled in and rode them all by myself!! I was SO STOKED to do it myself! Sei had told me so many times about the "feel" of surfing. OMGosh- I GET it now. I've always loved the beach and the water, etc... but to actually ride on a wave... wow. The first time I finally rode a wave all the way to the shore I was so excited. I came back to Seiuli and said, "That was a good one, yeah!?" It WAS a good one!

I didn't want to get out, I was so worn out after a couple hours so we decided we'd stop for the day and check out Waikiki a little more.  We found the PD.

We visited the Duke statue....

We had lunch and in the middle of lunch it hit me-- We had to leave this paradise and fly back to real life in just 2 days.  I started to cry. I know, I'm weird. But I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to send for my kids and find a place to live in Oahu. Seriously.

That night we went to look at the sunset. It was beautiful-- of course.

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