Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bless her heart...

So today I had to take Liv to the dentist for some dental work (obvi.) Her pediatric dentist is about 25 minutes from our house. It snowed today- random, I know- so the traffic was all slow on the highway, especially over a bridge of the lake. I was going slow, well under the speed limit, and I wasn't close to the car in front of me. I've mentioned before that Isabel and I signed "I've Got a Feelin'" by the Black Eyed Peas at our family reunion. So every time it comes on the radio I can't help but sign it. Well... it came on the way to the dentist. I started doing my one-handed ASL, off in my own world, when I noticed the lady driving in front of me throwing her hands in the air, seemingly upset. I slowed down a little more and assumed she was mad at the driver in front of her. She started to exit so I ended up passing her as the lane split off. I happen to glance her direction and I saw this woman, clearly older than me and probably several years older than my mother, looking right at me, mouthing (probably yelling in her car) "F*** YOU!!!!" while she flipped me off. I was like, "What the?!?!" which is probably what my face looked like. She kept staring at me, with her finger up, as she exited. She's lucky she didn't run into the concrete barrier. Anyway... at first I was like, "Ok, really? Did my grandma just flip me off?" and then I was like, "REALLY!? You're a friggin' adult and that's how you decide to handle your frustration, Lady?!" and then I was like, "Bless her heart..." And I mean that sincerely- not in the "you poor idiot" way. She is either having a really crappy day or has a really ugly heart. I wouldn't want either. I can only guess she thought my amazing ASL was me making gestures towards her. I feel bad that she thinks I would act like that towards anyone. (Although if you mess with my kid I'll act worse than that.)

Computer Artwork - Seven Dwarfs Grumpy

On another note- road rage is really stupid and dangerous. You never know who you're flippin' off and how they might react. What if I was in a really psycho-pissy state of mind and decided to follow her with the gun I carry? It happens. People need to wake up and chill out. Yelling "F U!" and giving the bird to a mom in a minivan with her 6 year old isn't cool-- or safe. I'm embarrassed for people who act like that. But I worry for you too. There was a girl the other day trying to give Seiuli the evil-eye for whatever reason. She was a teenage girl, alone in a car, giving dirty looks to a guy who looked pretty menacing at the time with his beanie and scraggly narcotics detective facial hair. What was she thinking?!

Instead of REACTING to something you may THINK someone is doing TO you, THINK first. I apply the "Maybe her sister died today" method. I remember how I felt when my sister died. I was in a fog and felt like "How is everyone going on with life!? Don't they know what's happened?!" It was horrible. I was probably rude to people for no reason. I really have no clue. It really gave me a new perspective

So those are my deep thoughts (haha) all triggered by a grumpy lady and her middle finger. And this was after a man honked and waved his hands at me because he wanted me to go faster. But what he couldn't see is that I was slowing down for the little car in front of me to turn into a business. Dude, CHILL.