Sunday, January 27, 2013

Exciting stuff... to me anyway

So far this year has had lots going on! Here's just a few things from the last couple weeks...

-- Isabel scored 15 points in her last basketball game. She played an AMAZING game!!!!!  I give myself credit for giving her the "pull the pencil out" speech I gave her. She saw me type this and said "Mommmmm!!!!"

-- Tristan has mono. This is not exciting in a good way since we already went through mono with Alec a few years ago. But I thought I'd include it anyway. Boo.

-- I started my internship with Communities in Schools. I work at an elementary school 2 days a week and at a high school 1 day a week. I really, REALLY enjoy the high school and I hope once I am doing more at the elementary I will enjoy the same. I was stressing about finding an internship because no one was contacting me back. I thought I would be at a place serving victims of domestic violence or something. But now that I am here it really seems like it was meant to be. Once again, God knew what He was doing. ;)

-- Livie turned 7... going on 17. She had a few friends come to Chuck E. Cheese and had so much fun! The morning of her birthday I took her to McDonalds for their hotcakes- which she loves.  I was also the Mystery Guest Reader for her 1st grade class. The teacher gave 3 clues about me and the kids had to guess who it was. I think my clues were a little to obvious:

1) Loves flip flops

2) Loves Diet Dr. Pepper

3) Is a student at TWU

Livie said she knew it was me because I have a sign that says "Life is better in flip flops." :)

-- My mom danced in the United Way "Dancing with the Stars." She was paired with a dance major from TWU. They did great and had a lot of fun!! They danced the waltz and the swing. The winner was probably the worst dancer there... with the most friends in the audience. People with the loudest cheers won. Still-- they did really amazing.

-- I commented in class today at church. This may seem like nothing- but considering I NEVER do that, it was HUGE. haha

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