Sunday, February 03, 2013

1st graders, and Spiders, and Tori on her Soapbox...

I've been working my internship for about 3 weeks now. I really enjoy it, although I think I would love it more if I was able to do my own thing instead of waiting to be told what to do. But obviously I have to learn how to do things before I can just do them!! haha At the elementary school I am mentoring a first grade boy and a 4th grade girl. It's been interesting because they really just talk and want attention. The first grader is so smart. He seems to know something about everything, although he likes to make things up at the same time. For example, he was telling me about the Wandering Spider in Brazil which really exists and is freaky, but then he added that he'd been bit by this highly venomous spider as well... lol We looked up lots of spiders and other things on the computer to learn more. This "Wandering Spider" is also called the "Banana Spider." I saw a nasty pic of one caught in a bag of bananas. GROSS!!!! I.would.die.

 We also talked about the USS Missouri and Pearl Harbor. He was impressed I'd been to Pearl Harbor, and that I've swam and fed sting rays before. But that's about all that impressed him. lol

What is craziest is how OPEN my eyes have become. I'm listening to the 11 year old girls talk about "dating" and so-and-so kissed this guy and this guy touched so-and-so's butt. WHAAAAATTT!??!?!?!? Not only that, but I've heard 3rd graders rapping 2 Chainz. Obviously these kids have been exposed to more than my 3rd grader has been exposed to, but WOW.

I want to help these "at risk" kids, but it has also made me feel even more diligent about protecting the innocence of my own children. Satan is working extra hard to bombard us with filth every direction we turn. There's "sex advice" on magazines at the grocery store, movies on regular television networks that aren't edited hardly at all. The words used on tv now days is ridiculous. There's porn crap popping up all over the place. And my new fave- the Snapchat app. Have you heard of this? It's an app that lets you send picture messages that "self-destruct" in however many seconds you set it. The pics literally disappear. It will also "warn you" if the person you sent it to took a screenshot of it. The developer swears it's not a "sexting" app. Um, ok?! If your kid has this pic on his or her phone, itouch, whatever... you need to delete it.

Which leads me to my next point at the end of this rambling post... Why do I feel like sometimes I'm the only parent up in my kid's business?! I have my kids passwords for every account. I have accounts so I can "stalk" them and they aren't allowed to unfriend or block me. They can't download apps without coming to me to get the password. It's not an invasion of privacy- it's called "parenting." There are girls posting pics of themselves on Instagram that I would be mortified if Isabel posted. Kids liking pics of bongs and Playboy bunnies. It's ridiculous that I know more about what your kid is doing than you do. So all the slacking parents- for the sake of MY kids, STEP IT UP! (While I step down off my soapbox...)

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