Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sorta Crunchy...

Lately I've been reading different simplicity/minimalism blogs. Lots of the writers have grasped minimalism because they are trying to "go green" and be more eco-friendly. I love the earth and I recycle. I do weird things like move other people's plastic bottles from public trash cans into recycle bins-- and totally embarrass my kids in the process. But I wouldn't say I'm a tree-hugger by any means. However, on these blogs I found some things I wanted to try. I'm not sure why exactly... But I wanted to, so I did. It may have something with living in the wilderness for a summer... ;)

1st- I "made" my own shampoo and conditioner. I washed with baking soda and water. Then I rinsed with apple cider vinegar and water. And you know what? My hair felt and looked clean. It didn't smell. It "styled" fine (if that's what you wanna call what I do with my mop of mess...). It wasn't tangle-y. It's been great.  I was pleasantly surprised. I remember when I was at Anasazi I only washed my hair with shampoo twice the entire summer- in a river. The rest of the time I rinsed it in the river or used Yucca plant roots as soap. Yeah, I'm handy to have around in the wilderness. Just call me Bear. ;)

Then- I made my own laundry detergent. I did that today and used it today. It worked fine even in my HE washer. I used Ivory soap instead of whatever is listed in the ingredients. It made a ton and with how little you use at a time, even with all the laundry I do, it will last forever. I am going to make dishwasher soap next! :)

Lastly- I've started using coconut oil for everything.  It's a great moisturizer. It tames wild hair. It makes great lip balm.  I cook with it (I was already doing that...) The more I read about it, the more excited I am to try things like... making toothpaste or using it like Neosporin. :)

And next week... I am starting a Green Smoothie routine. I like eating healthy, but with my internship and other stress crap that has gone on my eating and exercise routine have just gone completely off course. I NEED to lose about 15 pounds because I am NOT buying a new swimsuit for Florida in June. So I'm going to try to eat raw for the most part, and incorporating some smoothies in my diet will help with that. I eat raw for most of the day anyway- like until 3pm- then I get all crazy. :( So I am trying to get back on track and do better. :)

Do you have some all natural things you have tried or do regularly? I'd love to hear about it!

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