Thursday, August 22, 2013

Move Over Mr. Grey...

 I never really considered myself a "reader." I've always gone through spurts where I found a particular author or a series I was interested in. I remember reading Bridge to Terabithia about 30 times in elementary and . I started the Little House series until I was reading it while walking home and my sister bumped me and the 3rd book in the series fell into the rain gutter. I never finished the series. I read The Work & The Glory 9 book series- twice. And of course the Twilight and Hunger Games books.

Well last summer I got hooked on a Hallmark movie series based on books by Janette Oke. Love Comes Softly was about a woman left widowed after traveling west to start a new life. A widower proposed marriage in order to have a mom for his daughter and to provide a home for this woman who was stranded with no one. Well, this got me interested in the books, so I read the 8 book series, plus another 4 book series by Oke and a couple of other random books. This is what I was reading while it seemed like everyone else was reading 50 Shades of Mommy Porn or whatever it's called. And I am so, so glad that I was reading an old-timey historical fiction Christian romance. It started a new obsession.
I never realized how many GOOD Christian romances are available out there. And I know I've barely scratched the surface. I love these books because:
1) The men all have calloused hands and strong forearms. ;) (Shout out to Chesney!!)
2) The men are all about respecting and protecting a woman's honor and virtue to the extent of marrying her in order to keep her reputation intact after untrue gossip has spread.

How different that is from the other filth all over the place?!! I can barely listen to regular radio anymore because every flippin' song is about sex. I have read about 60 historical fiction Christian romances in the last year, so I'm gonna give props to a few of my faves.

I'd have to say Tamera Alexander is a definite fave author of mine. I've read all of her books and really enjoyed all of them. Beyond This Moment is my absolute fave. I've read it several times- especially the last 3 chapters. lol To Whisper Her Name is wonderful too. I was reading it on vacation and my kids saw me crying. They locked me out on the balcony and said, "You can't come in because you cry over books!!"
Marcia McClure is another author that seems to be a hidden gem. None of the area libraries here carry her books. The ones I've read have been interlibrary loans. My favorite so far has been Dusty Britches. This one had some HEAT! Clean heat, but HEAT nonetheless. When Ryder calls himself a pervert... Oh my word- I laughed til I cried. I'm a dork.
Karen Witemeyer has 5 great books. My faves are Short Straw Bride and Head in the Clouds. They are fun to read and always have a good message! I've read them both a couple times. Her other books are fun as well.
I've also enjoyed several of Deeanne Gist's books. A Bride in the Bargain and A Bride Most Begrudging top my list!
I've actually read a ton of Amish "romance" as well, which has been SO interesting!!! My fave trilogy would be Forever in Apple Lake by Jennifer Beckstrand. Seiuli actually has video evidence of me crying as I read Rebecca's Rose. lol
None of these books are gonna have hot, steamy sex scenes. None of them are degrading to women. In fact, it's refreshing to read about sexual tension, but the characters reign it in and you find yourself getting excited because the guy "touched the small of her back" or made a "scandalous" comment that would be laughed at today.
So, if you're looking for some good, clean, easy reads I recommend these for sure!!! :)

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