Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My kid's tougher than your kid ;)

Every recruit who goes through basic training undergoes nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) training, and is subjected to training in the gas chamber. They are required to remove their gas mask and answer questions while in the gas house. Overall, this is to help the soldiers gain confidence in and learn the importance of their equipment, such as their gas mask. Tristan did that this past week. Seiuli has done this in the past during SWAT school. We have a video of it and as a family would watch, and laugh, at the men coming out of the gas house. Seiuli looked tough. He didn't fall to his knees or throw up.... 
So, I'm sure memories of our family watching this video came in to Tristan's head before he entered the gas chamber... If the pictures I found say anything- He ROCKED it. I'm so proud.
I also finally got an address!!! I sent my stack of letters... like 8 envelopes... And I've mailed 2 more today. Livie is so cute because she'll write little notes and want me to mail them immediately. I'm gonna go broke... :)

Basic training photos found at: http://www.basictrainingphotos.com

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