Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some days...

Some days I have great days. I think about my soldier in training, and miss him, but I'm ok. Other days are like today... They suck. I had a dream Tristan jumped out of an airplane without his parachute. I nearly had a heart attack. It sounds stupid and funny now. Let me assure you- IT WASN'T. So that started today off pretty crappy. I've been teary eyed most of the day. In fact, I literally *burst into tears* a few minutes ago. Burst- like the tears spurted out of my eyeballs. It wasn't pretty y'all.
And for some reason about 5 different people just today have asked me if I have Tristan's address to write him at. No. No I don't. And I think my mail lady is going to press stalking charges against me soon. It's only been a little over 2 weeks since he left, but it seems like
 But it hasn't been and I will just have to be patient. I guess... Like I have a friggin' choice...

So, I'm gonna list a few HAPPY things from the last week or so to take my mind off the sad part.

1) Seiuli and I celebrated our 12th anniversary!!! We went to see Weezer at Winstar Casino. It was a GREAT show. They sound fabulous live. It was also Sei's first concert ever. My little Seiuli is growing up... Here's a pic... Nevermind my "flash face." :) Oh- and I won $70 on the Wheel of Fortune penny slots to pay for our concert tees. What what!?

2) My husband has a hot beard. Seriously, I'm diggin' it. Yeah, sometimes it goes up my nose when we kiss, but y'all he looks like a bad boy and I love it. I'm sure that's why my celebrity/character on tv/in a book crush is currently Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones...

3) I've been taking a self-defense class with the local police department. I really enjoy it. And the head instructor, who is trained in a ton of different martial arts styles- asked me, "What are you trained in?" after I punched the pad he was holding. YES! I don't punch like a girl!!! He said I have excellent form with my punches and said I was "a kicker" with my kicks. What what?! I also broke his watch doing an elbow jab.YAY! AND I totally took Sei down to the floor with a knee strike while I was practicing at home. That was on accident because I didn't do it hard and I didn't follow all the way thru, but apparently a little goes a long way... ;) I get to "fight" my way out of a room next week for "graduation." I'm actually really nervous- and they aren't even real bad guys. ;)

4) I found a song I really like. I heard it playing at Del Taco of all places... I downloaded it and added it to my "Happy" playlist. It's called "The Sound of Sunshine" by Michael Franti & Spearhead. It's not actually a "new" song- just new to me. :)  Actually listening to more of their music I'm kinda diggin' most of what I've heard. :) It makes me feel happy.

5) I got a very short and very unexpected letter from Tristan. He attended church up there and they mailed me a letter and picture!!! I was totally surprised and so happy!! I also found a few pictures of him on a website from Fort Leonard Wood. YAY!

So, those are a few things that have helped me not wallow in my sorrows. haha I know Tristan is working so hard and has it harder than me. So I'll suck it up... But I reserve the right to burst into tears any time I feel like it. :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Tori-- Try downloading or listening to Michael Franti's "Say Hey." You'll start dancing immediately! :-)


Tori :) said...

Yay! Thanks Kat!