Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our reasons for deciding to sell our home

Well, my husband and I have decided to "throw our money away." We sold our home we owned fo 7 years and we don't plan to buy. We want to rent. And we understand that our reasons won't match others or make sense to all people, and we're ok with that. That's why they are *our* reasons.

Our reasoning all boils down to:

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  • We didn't own our house. It owned us. We had to take out a huge loan to basically prepay for shelter. Shelter we were responsible for maintaining including repairs, lawn care, HOA fees, etc... If something breaks WE were responsible for paying to fix it. If our yard needed mowing, but we've just been too super busy we could either pay someone to do it or do it our self- after receiving a mean "reminder" letter from the HOA. 
  • We like to move. And we couldn't move without selling it. We were stuck. STUCK. I hated that feeling. We were blessed in that our house sold in 6 weeks- but I didn't like the uncertainty of when we could move. The first 7 years of our marriage we moved 4 times. I loved it. I loved knowing that any place could be temporary if we wanted it to be. Some places we stayed just a year. Another place we stayed 3 years- because we had that option! There was a year when both of our "exes" took us to court regarding child support changes and visitation. Lawyers aren't cheap, especially an international lawyer which is what we needed for my husband. We wanted to move to a little apartment so we'd have a little extra money. Nope- we couldn't. Instead we took on more debt. :(
  • We became hoarders. Ok- I'm exaggerating. But we did collect so much stuff simply because we had the room for it. It's easy to say "Just get rid of stuff..." but not as easily done when you have room to fit more. I purge all the time, but stuff just collects again. It's a never-ending cycle.
  • Less stress. Home ownership can be stressful, especially financially. One year our monthly payment jumped almost $200. That's like adding another car payment to our budget. The next year it went down $150, and now it's gone up $60. Not only that- it was a super hot summer and to cool our house (and by "cool" I mean "keeping the a/c on 81 degrees, and ceiling fans going...) and our electric bill was $150 higher than average. This was the same year I mentioned about exes, and court, and we had ZERO extra money. We are still paying debt from that year- 5 years later. And we just gave up on watering our backyard at our house because we would go broke. Our backyard looked like hay every summer. Not only that- but the process of buying a home is stressful too. All the paperwork, finance people digging into every little nook and cranny of your life. Not an enjoyable process.
  • Why do we own now? We couldn't think of one real reason why we felt the need to BUY a home when we moved back to Texas from Utah. We just *did*. We must have because that's just what you do- you buy a house, you settle down. Now when we talk about it neither one of us remembers even discussing renting or anything when we moved. We jumped right into buying and regretted it pretty quickly.
  • We are wannabe beach bums. Our ultimate goal is to move to Hawaii. Yes, the cost of living is crazy. We know that. Yes, we'll have to change our standard of living drastically. We have no problem with that. We embrace that. Hawaii doesn't make sense to a lot of people, and who knows, we may only be there a year or we may end up at a different beach. But we want to try it. Life is way too short to do what everyone else expects or be scared to try new things or follow your heart.