Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Best Weekend EVER (that didn't involve my husband or kids...)

This past weekend was just so super, so of course I'm coming out of blog-hiding to post about it. That way I can look back and remember just how cool it really was!!
I've mentioned my favorite author, Marcia Lynn McClure, several times on my blog. She is a fun author who writes clean romances, mostly historical, which are my favorites. You can see a list of her books here on her website. She's far and away my most read author... beating all others by about 30 books. Anyway, a couple months ago she mentioned on Facebook that she was setting up some meet & greet events in Utah. I was so bummed since I'm here in Texas. But then my wonderfully fabulous husband began insisting I buy a ticket to the event and fly up to see her. He said it would be my Mother's Day/Birthday gift (even though my ticket to the NKOTB concert in May was suppose to be that. I am spoiled!) So I finally gave in and bought my airplane tickets.

My fellow Marcia-fan here in Texas, Chesney, wasn't able to go. But Stacey lives in Utah and I had introduced her to Marcia, so I knew she'd come in clutch and go with me. She was game! Then I found out my niece was graduating from BYU that weekend, so I would be there for it! And then (yes, there's more!!) to top it all off, I found another fave author of mine, Sarah M. Eden, was doing a book signing at Deseret Book the very same day as Marcia's event!! She was doing the signing with Josi S. Kilpack, an author I had on my "to-read" list on Goodreads, but I haven't read any yet. So this weekend was just turning into straight up AMAZINGNESS in the eyes of this bookworm!! Woot!

I flew up on Thursday and was in heaven with 3 hours of airplane and a 3 hour lay over I actually was able to read The Object of His Affection, a new novella by Marcia Lynn McClure, and Porcelain Keys by Sarah Beard. They were both awesome books. I was also able to watch all my favorite parts on Austenland...again. Alone time can be so refreshing!! THEN when I went to pick up my rental car, it was a friggin' BLACK CADILLAC. I was high rollin' and feeling extremely cool all weekend!! That night Stacey and I were able to meet up for dinner and a movie. We saw The Longest Ride. It was my 2nd time to see it and oh.my.word. Thanks to Marcia I already have a thing for cowboys. Well, Scott Eastwood IS Ryder Maddox, Tom Evans, Rebel Lee Mitchell, Lobo McCoy, Stover Steele, Slater Evans, Stoney Wrenn, Brake McClendon... (Those are all heroes in Marcia's books.)

So after a night of ridiculous lusting and giddyness, I went back to my hotel to stay up late talking to my sister-in-law. The next day was the longest commencement ceremony I've ever been to. I wanted to bite my wrists. BUT my niece is now a Brigham Young University graduate. I was also able to see family from Seiuli's side I don't get to see often. That night my SIL, niece, and SIL's mother-in-law went to see The Age of Adaline. That's another great movie. No cowboys, but it did have Harrison Ford. ;)

Saturday morning I picked up Stacey and met up with Suzanne. We headed to lunch before going to Deseret Book for the book signing with Sarah Eden and Josi Kilpack. I love these girls!! I hadn't seen them since last summer, yet it was like no time had passed. :)  We also went to Thanksgiving Point to walk around and window shop and feed goats. haha

I wasn't kidding about feeding goats... haha

After lunch we headed to Deseret Book to meet Sarah and Josi. Oh my word, I was actually NERVOUS!! haha But it was super cool. I bought the one Eden book I was missing, and 2 of Kilpack's. They were so sweet and talked to us and made me feel less like a dork. Although when Josi was telling me about her new book, A Heart Revealed, my text message notification went off. It was Dean Winchester saying "I mean come on, we hunt monsters. What the hell?" Awkward. lol

Sarah M. Eden, me, Josi S. Kilpack
The night finally came and it was time for the Marcia Lynn McClure Event!!! Can I just say my cheeks were literally sore from laughing and smiling for 5 hours straight?!?!!? Marcia took time to sit at each table and chat. She signed all 7 of my books. Kevin, her husband, sat and laughed with us. We talked about setting his and Marcia's son, Trent, up with my sister, Ali. How cool would that be?? Nate Childs, the model on The Bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich and The Touch of Sage, hung out with us too. I didn't realize it was his wife on The Touch of Sage until after the event. It all clicked in the hotel room. The Crimson Knight and Monet from A Crimson Knight made an appearance as well.

Stacey, Kevin, Me
Stacey, "Brake McClendon" or "Rebel Lee Mitchell", Me

Stacey, Marcia McClure, Me
Stacey, The Crimson Knight, Me
The Crimson Knight letting me try on his gear

One of the funniest parts of the night was when each table was assigned a section of a story to write. My table was assigned the "kissing scene." Oh my goodness we were laughing and blushing and swooning as we wrote. It was hilarious. 

Our rough draft

Then when it was time to read them outloud we found out Kevin and Marcia would be acting them out. I was crying I was laughing so hard!!

I won a tshirt for traveling the furthest to the event and Stacey won a door prize too. They had yummy treats and I brought home a few posters. Kevin authgraphed my book and The Prairie Prince poster. It was just seriously SO FUN.
Stacey and I had a slumber party at my hotel that night, and then met Kayelyn for breakfast. It was so good to catch up with her!! I forgot to get a pic. :( Then I said goodbye and took my Caddy back to the airport. :(
My flight to Denver was a little bumpy, but I was able to read With a Dreamboat in a Hammock, Marcia's newest novella that I picked up at her event. The hero was named Jensen, as in Ackles, as in Dean Winchester, as in Supernatural, as in MY FAVORITE SHOW. And the novella was so sweet. I loved it.

The flight to Denver to Dallas was ridiculous. We left late, then we had to circle around OKC for an hour because of tornadoes and lightning near Dallas. Then they decided we would go on to Dallas, and y'all, I nearly died. Ok, not really. But it was the bumpiest plane ride I've ever been on. Like if I hadn't had on a seatbelt my head would have hit the ceiling from bumping so hard. We flew like that for half an hour. People were freakin' out. I wasn't. I was so calm I scared myself. haha I figured if we were going down, freaking out wasn't going to help any. So I just concentrated on keeping my head from slamming against the window. We finally landed after literally flying through lightning all over the place. Once we landed the passengers clapped. Then we were told the airport ramps were closed. We didn't care because we were alive. ;) I finally got home around 2:45am Monday.
This weekend will be one I remember forever. It really was like a once in a lifetime thing for me, most likely... unless my sister marries Marcia's son. ;)
I'm so glad Seiuli insisted I go and do something for me. He took care of the kids, the hedgehog, our chickens... and I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR HIM!!!!

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