Sunday, May 17, 2015

My birthday week rocked!

So my birthday was Monday, May 11. I've basically been celebrating since my trip to Utah. The awesomeness just kept on coming!
On the 7th I was able to go to the Dallas theatre and see "Sense and Sensibility." Not only that- my friend, Chesney, and I had front row seats! The play was so fun. The actors were great!! I couldn't take pics during the show, but I did snap these before and after.

 For Mother's Day- the day before my birthday- I got some pretty cool things. This gift from Taj made me cry. It requires a little explanation. Last year I was reading The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. Taj was sitting by me when I gasped and burst into tears saying, "Oh, he BUILT HER A CHAIR!!!"  Taj, used to my crying fits while reading, was like "What the heck?" I tried to explain the significance of the chair. He totally cared...not. Well, for Mom's day he handed me this and said, "Mom, I built you a chair."
 I was so touched. I mean, how cool is that??
Livie filled up a jar with reasons she loves me. They included things like "You're not gross." "Kind." "Not mean." "Clean." ;) She also made me a memory book. It was all very heartfelt. Isabel wrote me a sweet letter about how much she loves me and what I mean to her. Sooo sweet.

Then for my birthday.... Alec received his mission call!!! He had been waiting 5 weeks for it to arrive. On average they arrive about 3 weeks after submitting their paperwork. Lots of friends came over from school and church. Half his basketball team was their. It was really cool. He was so cute opening it.

Yes! He was called to the California, Anaheim American Sign Language mission!! He reports to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Sept. 23. He was pretty stoked to have the opportunity to teach in ASL. He's taken it 3 years in high school. Pretty awesome.

To be continued...

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