Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend Getaway Part 2

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Friday after visiting Carthage Jail we headed back towards Kansas City. There was a writer's conference at a library with a lot of LDS authors.  Chesney and I were hoping to meet Jennifer Moore and Sarah M. Eden. We didn't realize we were kind of crashin' a conference. I mean, yes, there was a book signing, but I think Chesney and I were the only people there without an ID badge from the conference! haha We were able to purchase books from the conference bookstore. I already owned all of Sarah M. Eden's so I brought 5 or 6 (...or 7) for her to sign and then I purchased 2 of Jennifer Moore's.
First we went to Jennifer Moore's table. She was so sweet and down to earth. Chesney and I were all spazzy with excitement! She just took her time talking to us about our trip and her books. I am really so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. I'm also SO thrilled I bought the books I did. "Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince" was so super cute! And "Simply Anna" earned a place on my "Faves" bookshelf on Goodreads. I absolutely love, love, LOVED it! Jennifer was sweet enough to take a picture with me... and I look like my head is huge and I ate her. She is tiny. It was just so super to meet her. :)
Jennifer Moore and me :)
After chatting with Jennifer (first name basis now...;) we headed over to Sarah Eden's table. I happened to pick up a book in the bookstore I thought my son, Taj, might like, "Slayers" by C.J. Hill. She was seated next to Sarah, so I asked her to sign it for Taj. She was so sweet and made it out to Taj and everything. (C.J. Hill is one pen name for Janette Rallison.) After chatting with her a minute it was finally our turn to meet Sarah Eden. She graciously signed all 400 of my books. She said she was running out of original things to write, so in one book she wrote "This is a really good book!" I was laughing so hard! I happened to mention that when I went to Utah and met her I lost the "Layton" button I was bringing back for Chesney. Sarah actually took down Chesney's address and just this week she sent her several buttons and a couple pens! How cool is that? She signed all our books and we took a pic with her too. It was just over all a great experience. I'm glad we crashed the conference! ;)
Chesney, Sarah M. Eden, and Me!

After the book signing, we made our way to my sister's house. She lived about 10 miles from the library. My sister is always such a wonderful hostess. We got to go out to dinner that night and then hung out watching "The Wedding Singer" and eating candy in her basement. I love my sister! The next day while Tara was at a dog training class, Chesney and I went on an adventure to find fairy doors in trees that a friend of Chesney's sister had decorated a while ago. We found them and it was so fun!

Once Tara was free, we headed to Liberty and Independence to see a little more church history. We visited Liberty Jail, where Joseph Smith and others were held on false charges for several winter months. The jail was so cold that after being used as a jail for 23 years, it was used as an ice house. The ceiling was so low, the Prophet could not stand up completely. And they had a bucket for a toilet. A BUCKET, y'all.
The walls were over 3 feet thick.
It was weird to smile in this pic considering where we were. Chesney, me, Tara at Liberty Jail
 After visiting Liberty Jail, we went to the Independence, MO visitor's center. I had been there a couple times before so we just toured one part of it talking about the Saint's history in Independence. On the way back to Tara's we went by the Kansas City temple. The grounds are beautiful as well as the temple building!

That evening we ate dinner with Tara's crew and hung out, packed, etc... At 4am my alarm went off and it was time to head back to the airport, drop off the car, and head home. It was such a nice, fun, quick trip where I had the chance to not worry about grown up stuff and get to delve into history! Thanks to my sister, Tara, for being such a fabulous hostess, Chesney for being a great travel partner, and my amazing husband for taking care of the home and kids -- AND subbing for me as music leader in the primary nursery at church!! Love you!!

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