Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 Highlights

2015 was a really good year. 
It really, really was.
  • Not really "happy" but my grandma, Eula Mae McDaniel passed away on January 19. It was a good thing in that she wasn't really "living." She died peacefully with us surrounding her. Her funeral was a celebration of her life and how we all remembered her. 
    July 4, 1920 - Jan. 19, 2015
  • In April I was able to go to Utah to visit my friends, see my niece graduate from BYU, visit family, and meet some of my favorite authors- Sarah M. Eden, Josi Kilpack, and Marcia McClure. AWESOME WEEKEND!! 
    Sarah M. Eden, me, Josi Kilpack
    Suzanne, Me, Stacey
    Stacey, Marcia McClure, Me

    • May 11 was my birthday and it was awesome. I did lots of cool things that week, including seeing "Sense & Sensibility" on stage. I also went to a New Kids on the Block concert on May 14 with Nancy, Sharon, Michelle, and my ISABEL!!!!
    • But more importantly Alec got his mission call!! He was called to serve in the California, Anaheim mission- American Sign Language. The look at the end of his video when he says "American Sign Language!" says it all

    • Also in May, my good friend Chesney, and I went to a reader's conference in Dallas. There were hundreds of authors there and we were able to meet a few of our favorites, Tamera Alexander, Deeanne Gist, and Karen Witemeyer. They were really sweet and autographed books for us. I also was able to get an autographed book for Taj from Marie Lu.
      Tamera Alexander
      Karen Witemeyer
      Deeanne Gist

    • Alec received the C.A.T. award for basketball. This is voted on by the team and it's for Character, Attitude, Team. Out of any award given, this is the one I hoped Alec would receive because I knew he deserved it.
    • In June, Alec graduated from high school. Tristan was able to come home to surprise him. It was really sweet and Alec was totally surprised.

      • June, Seiuli kind of went "viral" with his Five-o rap. It was on the news and several websites. Fox & Friends contacted him too, but we were leaving for a cruise. It was weird to see him all over the place. I was kind of happy when it all died down because I didn't like seeing hateful comments from cop haters. It really made me mad, kind of stressed, and sad.
      • Seiuli, Alec, Isabel, and I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. We ziplined in Honduras and snorkeled in Cozumel. It was such a wonderful trip. No drama, lots of ice cream, and tons of awesome memories.

      • August we (minus our soldier) went to Destin with my parents. It was nice to have that time together because Alec would be leaving for his mission in September.

        See you in 2!

      • October I went on another trip! This NEVER happens and it happened twice in one year for me! Chesney and I went to Nauvoo, IL for a quick LDS historical visit and to Kansas City to meet LDS authors, Sarah M. Eden and Jennifer Moore. We got to hang out with my sister, and visit other LDS historical sites as well. It was wonderful to be so busy I didn't cry about missionary for almost 4 days. ;)
        Jennifer Moore and me!
        Chesney, Sarah M. Eden
        Liberty Jail in Independence, MO
        The Nauvoo Temple at night
        • This year I surpassed my Goodreads goal of reading 80 books. I read 150. I set the lower goal because I've found in the past when I've set it higher I was reading more to meet my goal, rather than for enjoyment.
        • In December, Seiuli had the chance to take a trip. He surprised his mom in California as an early Christmas present. He stayed for 5 days. He was so close to Alec, but of course didn't visit him.

        Overall, 2015 was great. 
        I'm looking forward to making 2016 fabulous, too.

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