Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Hidden Prince by Nadine Millard

The Hidden PrinceThe Hidden Prince by Nadine Millard
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Oh Nadine Millard! Your writing makes me happy. I know when I sit down with one of Nadine's books, I'm going to love it. This novella was no different.
Lydia- so full of spunk and really a spaz. I can't think of another word. lol She reminded me of Lady Rebecca in An Unlikely Duchess. She knows the expectations of society. She just has a hard time following them!
Alex- he is just yummy. I love how he looks at his life and actually cares whether he's made a difference or if he's been a good person. I also love his seductive flirting.
Once again, Nadine has made a story that sucked me in and allowed me to get lost for a while. When you can get lost in a book, you know it's a good one. :) It was only 9 chapters and I loved each one.
  A few favorite quotes:
"Lord, he was handsome. It was terribly distracting."

"Mr. Farago's laughter was delectable; raspy and deep. Dear heavens! She simply must get a hold of her wanton thoughts."

"It wasn't mere lust. It was more. It felt very much like his heart were being affected, along with more intimate parts of him."

"I lied about the holly..."
(SQUEEEE!! Y'all, this part... I can't even.)

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