Monday, June 18, 2018

Defense of Honor by Kristi Ann Hunter


Defense of Honor by Kristi Ann Hunter is the first of the series Haven Manor. I would recommend reading the novella A Search for Refuge to get a little more background, although this novel can stand alone. In the novella we hear about Kit briefly, Defense of Honor tells her story along with why she works at Haven Manor. In the beginning we meet Graham, a future Earl who is looking for purpose in his life. By odd chance, him and Kit meet and he is captivated by her. Although I am a fan of this author, I felt the story line was too drawn out and some details could have been left out. Kit as a character was hesitant and scared due to the scandal she faced years ago. This made it hard to open up to Graham. I did love that she had a desire to help these women even if her intentions were not right. I did like Graham’s character, he was charming and really changed Kit’s opinion of how she felt about men in general. Clean content with some religious references. Will I continue to read from this author? Yes. This book just was not a fave for me. 3.5 stars

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